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RaceTalk in Action

Research suggests that the success of workshops depend on the ability of participants to practice research-based skills, getting genuine follow-up and coaching on how to adapt strategies to unique situations. Our Coaching and Workshop Follow-Up services are designed to support the implementation of racetalk tools and strategies disseminated in our workshops.



Coaching packages are available to former workshop attendees who would like additional support as they begin to implement “RaceTalk” strategies. These virtual small learning communities last for 55 minutes and are limited to 5 individuals or fewer. They provide a mechanism for shared accountability, a space for debriefing and collaborative problem solving of issues that arise during the early stages of implementing RaceTalk tools. Packages are available in 3-session and 5-session increments. 

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Workshop Follow-Up


This follow-up session takes place with the entire cohort of workshop participants in order to collectively debrief their experiences and to provide support in addressing common issues that arise while implementing RaceTalk strategies. This follow-up session might take place 1-3 months after a workshop.

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