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Online Training

We know student evaluations are racist and sexist, yet they continue to be used to assess the effectiveness of our teaching and as part of the annual and tenure review processes at most colleges and universities. These evaluations can impact whether we are hired, promoted, and paid fairly.


So what are women faculty and faculty of color to do about them?

In this self-paced training, I'll share research along with my personal experiences. We'll discuss strategies and tools for addressing and mitigating bias in your student evaluations and navigating the annual review process so that you can feel more confident preparing for the end of the semester.

We'll talk about what's worked for me, and you'll leave with ideas for applying these tools and strategies to your unique situation.

Cost: $50
includes 1 hour training and workbook

A few years ago, I created a short guide for challenging race and gender bias in student evaluations. To date, it's one of my most popular and widely shared resources. I created that guide because it's something I wish I had early on in my teaching career. This webinar will expand on that guide and give you tangible ways to proactively address the bias that shows up in student evaluations.


If you are a member of a historically excluded or marginalized group and teach at a college or university where student evaluations are used to assess the effectiveness of your teaching, this webinar is for you.

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About Me

My name is Dr. Bedelia Richards, and I am a race and education scholar and equity consultant with expertise in helping college professors incorporate inclusive and antiracist pedagogical strategies into their classrooms. I also help professionals across various industries improve their racial literacy and racetalk skills. I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Richmond and Founder and CEO of RaceTalk LLC.

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