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Notes on RaceTalk Newsletter

I started this newsletter because I wanted a place to connect more intimately with my Racetalk Warrior Community.

Each month you can expect
 a short essay (and sometimes not so short -- you know I often have lots to say!) about something I've been thinking about, something I've learned in the classroom, or thoughts on a current event.

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Building Trust and Community on the First Day of Class

In this video, learn one of the key strategies I use to build trust and foster community in my classroom starting on the very first day.

I share why this works and how you can adapt this strategy and activity to your classroom or lab, no matter what subject you teach.

Public Scholarship

Race and Gender Bias in Student Evaluations & Merit Review Processes

Richards, Bedelia Nicola “Faculty Assessments as Tools of Oppression: A Black Woman’s Reflections on (Colorblind) Racism in the Academy” in Byrd, W. Carson,

Sarah Ovink, and Rachelle. J. Brunn-Bevel (eds.). Intersectionality and Higher
Education: Identity and Inequality on College Campuses
Rutgers University Press. 2019

Understanding Systemic


Bedelia Nicola Richards. Is Your University Racist? Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself. Inside Higher Ed, May 25, 2018.

Creating Inclusive Campuses

Bedelia Nicola Richards. Creating Inclusive Campuses. No Jargon Podcast. Episode 206. February 12, 2020.

Addressing AntiBlackness in Educational Institutions

Bedelia Nicola Richards. How to Create Inclusive Environments for Black Students on
Predominantly White College Campuses.
SSN Key Findings, Scholars Strategy Network.
February 7.

Supporting First- Generation College Students

Richards, Bedelia Nicola. Help-Seeking Behaviors as Cultural Capital: Cultural Guides and the Transition from High School to College among Low-Income First-Generation Students (Forthcoming in Social Problems)

Networking Strategies for Academics

Bedelia Nicola Richards. Networking Strategies for Academics who are Bad at it. Inside Higher Ed, December 6 2019.

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